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It's been a while - I sort of lost my will midway through recapping this little delight. YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY. However, with some encouragement, I shall carry on. Carry on. As if nothing really matters. Except Bette Davis movies.

Also, because Livejournal hates me, it has decided that this is too much for one post. So two posts it will be. BECAUSE IT JUST NEEDED TO BE THAT MUCH MORE OF A HASSLE. Thanks, Hell's House. Thanks so much.

I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that Way Back Home and The Menace don't even exist. Maybe we're all better off not having seen them. I don't know. We'd probably all be better off if we never saw Hell's House either, but since it's inexplicably readily available (isn't the public domain fun?) we - the few, the proud, the hardcore Bette Davis fans - can suffer together. My copy of Hell's House is on this weird-ass sketchy DVD with the Vivien Leigh version of Anna Karenina. The case alleges some sort of thematic tie-in between the two films, but other than the lead actresses having both played iconic bitchy Southern belles, I'm not really seeing the connection. Whatever.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure: http://www.archive.org/details/hells_house

Okay, big boy...Collapse )
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Now let's see. Where were we? Oh yes. HELL'S HOUSE.

There's more Bette Davis. I promise there is.Collapse )
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